1. In If I Fix You, Jill explores fixing cars, fixing relationships and fixing herself. What does the author show about each facet of this theme? What does she show about both forgiveness and letting go? Point to examples in the story.
  2. The morning after Jill’s world falls apart, Sean is waiting on her porch to explain. Where does their communication go wrong? If Jill had understood what happened, do you think she and Sean could have picked up where they left off? Support your answers with details from the book.
  3. Sean and Daniel have contrasting family situations. What does each bring to his relationship with Jill, and what does she learn from the time she spends with them?
  4. In what ways is Claire a good friend to Jill? What impact does their friendship have on choices Jill makes in the story? Are there ways in which Claire could be a better friend?
  5. The author shows several contrasting parent-child relationships in this book, including Jill and her father, Jill and her mother, and Daniel and his mother. How are the relationships different, and how, if at all, are they similar? Do you think Jill would be better off knowing about her parentage, or not?
  6. Cars are important to Jill and her father. What does the Spitfire symbolize in the story, and how does it impact Jill as a character? Point to examples in the book.
  7. Cami has a small but important role in the story. How does her presence impact Jill, and how does it illustrate another facet of the theme of friendship?
  8. Jill gets very sunburned at one point in the book, just before a key scene happens. Why do you think the author added the sunburn? How does Jill being sunburned affect the scene and the story? How might things have gone if Jill had not been sunburned? Discuss.