Blurbs for GIRL ON THE RUN!

“Fast and intense, this is a galloping thriller with something extra for romantics.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“A tense, fast read . . . Abigail has created a twisting, complex path through a room full of mousetraps and
every time I thought maybe Katelyn was finally going to get through it, another one went SNAP!”
—Aprilynne Pike, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Wings series

“Heart racing for all the right reasons—mystery, suspense, and romance. Loved!”
—Danielle PaigeNew York Times bestselling author of the Dorothy Must Die series and STEALING SNOW

“This impossible to put down YA thriller had me on the edge of my seat from the first chapter.”
—Laurie Forest, Best-Selling author of The Black Witch Chronicles

“A fast-paced, heart-pounding page-turner that will keep you up at night
wondering if we ever really know those we love.”
—Kelly DeVos, author of FAT GIRL ON A PLANE and DAY ZERO

“Brimming with Johnson’s trademark emotional depth, this fast-paced thriller
grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let go until the very last. I couldn’t stop reading!”
— Joanna Ruth Meyer, author of ECHO NORTH and BEYOND THE SHADOWED EARTH

“A  throat-clutching jaunt that sets the pace for any YA thriller daring to follow.”
—Tom LeveenBram Stoker Award Finalist

I could not be more thrilled over the blurbs for GIRL ON THE RUN! Every time I get to this stage with a new book I’m always amazed that all these incredible authors not only want to read what I wrote but end up saying the most lovely things. I’m so grateful to Danielle Page, Aprilynne Pike, Laurie Forest, Kelly deVos, Tom Leveen, Joanna Ruth Meyer, and Cheyanne Young for the phenomenal blubs they gave. I hope you love the book as much as they did.

Don’t forget that there are still a few more days to pre-order it for only $7.99 with free shipping before the price goes back up.

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